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A new innovative trichological treatment, a hair strengthening cosmetic formula aimed to boost hair growth and preventing its fall.

Benefit An advanced formula, a combination enriched with royal jelly and vegetable placenta protein extracts, Panthenol, Vitamin B 5 & Minerals to cosmetically help boost hair growth and preventing its fall.

The active ingredients are:

Vegetal placenta Hydrolyzed Soy protein - Water-soluble protein naturally derived from soy via the enzymatic hydrolysis process. Applied topically, it is an excellent hydrator that improves the texture and resiliency of the skin. In hair care formulas, it coats porous and damaged areas to strengthen and mend hairfiber.In fact, Vegetal placenta protects, strengthens and repairs the hair. In addition to the formation of an effective protective film on the hair surface, it penetrates as far as the outer cortex, deep into the hair and strengthens it. Vegetal Placenta was found to have brought about a significant increase of more than 40% in bending strength. This may be due to an increase in either the flexural strength of the individual hair fibers or the cohesion between the fibers. Both of these effects would improve hair manageability and styling. In addition, the increase in bending stability contributes to an increase in hair volume and body.

Royal Jelly -A powerful nutrient high in amino acids, minerals and vitamins A, B, C and E. Very soothing and moisturizing to the skin and hair. Royal Jelly cannot be imitated by science or its beneficial properties accurately understood but there is overwhelming evidence that it improves health. Some of the health improvements normally experienced when taking Royal Jelly are increased vitality and energy, stronger nails and hair and a more radiant complexion.

Panthenol also known as Provitamin B5, acts as a penetrating moisturizer. Mineral & Vegetable Polypeptide Complex – Polypeptides or micro elements. They participate in energy conversion,effect growth and reproduction. Combined with Aloe Extract, with its hydrating, softening and soothing properties, they carry out a protecting and regenerating action, improve the blood supply of tissues. . As heavier oligo-elements like Calcium Chloride, Manganese and Magnesium Chloride make up the very constitution of human tissue

Manganese is an important antioxidant and helps protect oxygen and slow aging. It activated many enzymes and works with the utilization of fatty acids. Manganese also enhances the quality of arterial and venous capillary membranes, thus fighting against all vascular sclerosis. It joins with zinc in the production of sexual hormones. Magnesium plays a variety of roles in the body (muscle contraction, conversion of carbohydrates to energy), it is responsible together with calcium for the production of ATP Adenosine Triphosphate, our most important high-energy phosphate compound. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. The balance is involved with muscle tissues, cells, blood.). Calcium is responsible together with magnesium for the production of ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate.

Zinc Chloride can help balance out an excess of male hormones responsible in part for male baldness.

Cobalt chloride is an essential mineral, works with Vitamin B12 and maintains the red blood cells.

Keratin is the protein substance from which hair and nails are made. It is inert or lifeless. As it gets pushed ahead by the newly forming cells in the hair follicle, the hair shaft (the part of the hair that extends above the skin) appears to grow. In a sense it really does grow – from the roots, not the ends. Healthy hair follicles follow this pattern on a continual cyclical basis: growth, degeneration and rest. That is, the root produces hair for a period of time, enters a degeneration stage and then rests for a while. It is during the rest stage that the hair actually falls out. Following the rest stage the lower part of the follicle reforms and produces new hair again. This briefly sums up a very complex chemical process. The point is, hair growth takes place in the hair root where the amino acids from the blood first join with the dividing cells. Significantly, this same process is the one by which all body cells reproduce themselves.

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